Adult Dog Contract

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Date And Party
this agreement made the _ day of _ between:

name: __ (hereinafter known as the “buyer”)


name: __ (hereinafter known as the “seller”).

Purchase Price & Description
the buyer agrees to purchase, for the sum of $__________ (us dollars), the following dog or puppy from the seller:

name (if any): ______________

breed: _

date of birth: _________

sex: ______

color: _____

registration (#): _________

state of health: _

Date Of Sale
the sale of the dog/puppy shall occur on the _ day of _______ with either:

– a deposit being made in the amount of $__________ (us dollars) on the date of this agreement that will be credited towards the purchase price.

buyer signature: ________ date: print name: ______

seller signature: ________ date: print name: _______